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Nestled among 72 acres of open fields and lush tree lines, White Iron Ridge offers a tranquil getaway to host your memorable moments for grand and intimate weddings, corporate events, or social gatherings. On the exterior, our gambrel barn design mixes elegant lines with urban iron features and transitions to an interior of expansive windows, soaring arched ceilings, and handcrafted iron chandeliers.

White Iron Ridge is located on the edge of Smithville, MO, a charming lake town which is easily accessible from downtown Kansas City and KCI airport. Overnight stays in our onsite guest suites or the stunning honeymoon tower offer panoramic views of the property and allow you and a number of your guests to retreat to cozy accommodations post celebration.

We're eager to plan a unique celebration for your love story.

From Smithville's Beautiful landscape

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We both grew up in rural midwest communities, my husband in a small Illinois farm town and me on an Iowa farm, and were very fond of all the buildings we played in and thought were wonderlands as a kid; from corn bins, sheds, silos and barns. Actually, my husband almost bought a barn near his hometown for a place to retreat, work on and store his growing hobby of vintage cars and trucks. Phew! That was a close one; he was outbid at the auction!!

Then coming to our senses, living on 40 acres just north of KC, in Smithville Mo, we thought “Why not just build a barn on our property?” My husband could use it for his expanding fleet of cars and I could host a few events each year…perfect, right? Awe…the compromise of’ve got to admire that!!

So, I started my quest with a conversation with local zoning and planning to see what kind of hoops I would need to jump through to have a business on our acreage. Well...let’s just say, it was a lengthy conversation, with no straight answers or direction, but resolute curiosity pushed me to continue my research. 

As a recent empty-nester, the number one fielded question I get from friends is "What led you to build the barn?". Before diving into my story, I gently nudge them with a smile, wink, and say, "You mean a swanky event venue?", they smile back and I begin... 

My patient husband, who always knew my passion for connection and chaos wondered why I held onto my corporate job so long and so tightly and was continually encouraging me to move on, be closer to home, travel, etc. Well, I insisted that I needed a focus, something to put my energy towards before walking away from what I saw as comfort and value, although a bit mundane. Yes, I am one of those risk-averse midwestern girls, that does what it takes. 

We had you in mind from the beginning. 

Words from our owner.
Rebecca Hofmeister

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In the meantime, while out celebrating a family friend’s birthday with Amanda, a special education teacher with a burgeoning wedding coordinating business on the side, whom I have known from the time she was a little girl when her family relocated to Smithville at the same time as my family, I shared my tamed ambitions about building a barn on our existing acreage, hosting occasional events, and asked Amanda for her industry insights and if she would feel comfortable showing it to her future brides. Amanda lit up and expressed her excitement for me and shared her dream of switching careers and running or owning a venue of her own. Well, that immediately sparked the next obvious question, right?... “Amanda, if I scratched plan A; building on our existing property and wrangling with all the Zoning limitations, would you be interested in Plan B – shopping for a piece of property without all the zoning issues and we could run a full fledge, all-in Venue?” She said “yes” to the Barn and has been an integral part of almost every decision, twist and turn for White Iron Ridge.

Amanda has been an integral part of almost every decision, twist and turn.

She said “yes” to the Barn

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Our picturesque countryside setting provides tranquility while offering all the amenities found in an urban setting.

Our monochromatic design allows for the adaptation to any style of event regardless of the occasion. 

Our scenic views provide the serenity and privacy for any event.

Our passion lies in creating a one-of-a-kind celebrations.


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The Wedding Experience

A wedding or special event is more than just an event. It deserves a one of a kind celebration. White Iron Ridge is the ideal backdrop for any event style.  Our clean, neutral palate compliments all colors and themes. Our team is excited to turn your vision into reality. 

How can we serve you?

Wedding and EventS is our Passion and our Expertise

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Weddings are a life long investment. You are embarking on a new chapter in your life and establishing your story with the love of your life with two families join together. An experience like one we provide here at White Iron Ridge, is a memory you want to have as your own. Embrace the full services our staff and amenities offer, while experiencing the best of both worlds: natures rolling hills alongside the city life just 25 miles south.

Wedding Investment

Romantic, Personal, and FUN

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Investment begins at $5000

Whether your goal is to build teamwork, hold a national sales meeting, put together a fabulous prom, throw a stellar birthday bash or the like, White Iron Ridge has the solutions to help you achieve just this. White Iron Ridge will expertly customize your corporate event, creating an unparalleled experience. We will tailor every detail to fit the needs of your company, providing multiple room options. Available rooms can accommodate events of varying sizes, from 2 to 400 people. Whether you are hosting a gala, an awards dinner, or (fill in the blank), White Iron Ridge is the perfect choice to satisfy your events needs.

Corporate & Special Events

Personal, Detailed, and Memorable

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Investment begins at $3250

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"White Iron Ridge is about to take Kansas City by storm. This upscale venue just minutes from downtown, yet in the best landscape makes for the most memorable experience. Their staff is out of this world too. You can't go wrong here."

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